Can't use I2C_4 on Seed

Has anyone else had any trouble with getting I2C_4 to work? I can’t get it to work for the life of me. I2C_1 works great, both in master and slave mode, on both sets of pins, DMA or polling…everything. I can’t get anything to work at all using I2CHandle::Config::Peripheral::I2C_4 . Init() returns okay, but it seems to be failing around here (i.e., it’s timing out). I’ve tried a variety of different timeout values as well.

Calling TransmitBlocking() works if I set periph to I2C_1 but not to I2C_4 . It just broadcasts into the void, but it’s sending the right init bytes (as verified with a logic analyzer). Here’s a GitHub Gist of my super-simple setup if anyone would like to try to recreate this:

Even just confirming that I2C_4 works on someone else’s board would be a big help. Any ideas?

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Happy new year! Anyone had a chance to take a look at this yet? Should I open an issue for it on GitHub?

Happy new year! I was actually planning on bringing this up to the team this afternoon :slight_smile:
Thank you for the wait!

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I mentioned it to @jgoney via DM, but I should share the info in case other folks are wondering about I2C_4.
I brought this up to the team, and it’s something that they have been meaning to have a closer look at whenever they have time.

I noticed that @jgoney recently opened a GitHub issue so that should be where you can see any update about it.

Thanks for the wait everyone!