Can't make project on Mac M1

I just got started with the Daisy.
I installed the tool chain, which worked like expected but I can’t build my or the example projects (like blink).
I get this error:
libdaisy//core/startup_stm32h750xx.c:1566:1: internal compiler error: Illegal instruction: 4
1566 | }

the function, at the line 1566 of this the startup_… file:

 void __attribute__((naked, noreturn)) Default_Handler()


//If you get stuck here, your code is missing a handler for some interrupt.

//Define a 'DEBUG_DEFAULT_INTERRUPT_HANDLERS' macro via VisualGDB Project Properties and rebuild your project.

//This will pinpoint a specific missing vector.

for (;;) ;


I don’t know how to work with. GDB can anyone help me?

I have the same problem since I updated my arm compiler on my M1 Macbook.

Apparently, other people have the same problem:

you can downgrade your compiler to an older, but functioning version:

cd “$(brew --repo homebrew/cask)”
git checkout d407663b8017a0a062c7fc0b929faf2e16abd1ff # version 10.3 of gcc-arm-embedded
HOMEBREW_NO_AUTO_UPDATE=1 brew reinstall gcc-arm-embedded
git checkout master

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Thank you very much! :slight_smile:
for me it was
cd $(brew --repo homebrew/cask)

Hi @xavierxeon thanks for the tips, and helping out!

We’ve just pushed a new release of the Daisy Toolchain that will install the last v10 release instead of the latest v11. So no special action should be required from here on out.

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