Can't get libDaisy to show up in Arduino IDE (have tried many things)


I have used Arduino for several years (quite a bit of experience), but I am stumped. I’m hoping some kind soul can help. Because DaisyDuino is already listed in the Arduino Libraries… I had no trouble adding it (incidentally, I am working with the Daisy Seed hardware). I successfully ran Blink, and then Oscillator from DaisyDuino.

I want to use the libDaisy (and DaisySP) libraries because I want to use the WavPlayer example and I need them to do it. Yesterday I just assumed all would go well, and just did my normal download of the Zip file, but didn’t work. I get an error message: Error: 13 INTERNAL: Library install failed: moving extracted archive to destination dir: library not valid . The I tried a few other things… unzipping, moving files around etc. Nothing worked.

Today I decided to really comb through the tutorials, read stuff on the Arduino boards etc. Decided I was going to do a very careful manual install (as was recommended with such error messages). I was very careful,… made sure I had the location of my library destination folder etc. But, even after carefully going through steps and placing the folder manually with the rest of my libraries… it just won’t show up in the Arduino IDE. One thing I saw that someone said… was that GitHub has added “-master” to their downloaded files and that the “-” is not recognized… and said sometimes you have to rename the file to exclude “-master”. So I tried that also,… nothing. And part of my careful process has been reopening the Arduino IDE each time I want to see if something I did worked… but still nothing.

Anybody know what to do? Is it usually this hard with some of the Daisy libraries ? Ps: I am focusing on libDaisy in this post, but I’m having all of the same problems with DaisySP - just figuring one will fix the other.

        Thank you.

LibDaisy and DaisySP are not intended for use in Arduino. They are not libraries, in the Arduino sense of the word.

DaisyDuino is what is provided for Arduino.

Grateful for this response… appreciated! I downloaded Visual Studio (preview) when I began delving in. Is this the environment (IDE ?) where I can make use of items like LibDaisy and DaisySP for compiling onto Daisy Seed? If this is correct,… anything I might want to be aware of before starting ?

This should get you going.

Much can be learned from Arduino, but much needs to be unlearned and/or relearned, when moving into real C/C++ development.

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Thanks for bringing clarity to a troubled mind : ) Cheers