Can't get daisy bootloader to work

Hi, I have a dasiy seed and I am trying to upload the simple blink example using the web programmer via daisy bootloader, but not able to get it to work.

Here’s what i’ve tried:

  1. Using the web programmer to upload blink example in “DFU in FS mode”. This seems to work as expected, after uploading I get a steady blinking on the LED.
  2. Go back to “DFU in FS mode” and use the web programmer to flash the bootloader image. This sems to work as expected. After that is done I get a steady pulsing LED followed by quick flashes.
  3. Try connecting again as “Daisy Bootloader” and flash the blink exmaple again. This appears to upload ok and tells me it Wrote 60308 bytes, however the daisy stays in bootloader mode and doesn’t seem to run the blink example.

Anyone have any idea what I’m doing wrong here? I’m getting the same behaviour with my own code but using the web programmer and blink exmaple to rule out any of my own mistakes.

If it makes any difference I’m using the original version of daisy seed from the kickstarter.


Programs which will be run by the bootloader need to be built with APP_TYPE set appropriately in the Makefile.

Ah. I had assumed it would work without recompiling. This makes sense, thanks.