Cannot Run Task within some Daisy Example Folders

I can use Terminal > Run Task > Build_All in most folders for Daisy Examples, but in some of them it won’t even be an option for me. Instead of getting a list of tasks after Run Task, I get + Configure a Task.

For example one of the folders that exhibit this problem is /patch/lfo

Could someone please explain to me why this is happening? How do I fix this in the other folders that have the same problem? Thanks!

More info: this seems to be happening intermittently, almost at random. I can close the VSC window and open a new one, where it does work! I’m confused.

Hm, this sounds like a VS Code issue. In each project folder, the tasks are stored in the .vscode folder in the tasks.json file. I double checked the lfo example for the patch and found it working as normal. The json doesn’t look to be any different from the rest of the examples.

Have you experienced this problem since posting? If so, have you tried updating or reinstalling VSC? I’m guessing it just silently ran into some issues configuring itself when opening the folder.


I figured it out - apparently on macOS M1 the command line tools are not automatically updated with each OS update. Once I did the update the build commands worked just fine!