Cannot open source file "daisy_seed.h" in ALL libDaisy examples

Hello. I’m new to Daisy.

  1. I have a folder “DaisyExamples” freshly loaded from github.
  2. I open “C:\Users\name\Desktop\DaisyExamples\seed\Button” in VScode
  3. I do “Ctrl+p” → task build_and_program … or anything… → and it works fine.
  4. it successfully flashes to the board and works

now if I go to:

  1. absolutely the same folder “DaisyExamples”
  2. open “C:\Users\name\Desktop\DaisyExamples\libDaisy\examples\Switch” in VScode
  3. do “Ctrl+p” —> Problem N1 : THERE ARE NO BUILD TASKS at all
  4. obviously nothing happens and also Problem N2 : CANNOT OPEN SOURCEFILE “daisy_seed.h”

(caps is to make it visible)

And as far as I can see - it is like that for all libDaisy examples.

I partly solved Problem N1 by copying tasks.json to Switch or other libDaisy workspace… but I can not check if it is effective, bcs Problem N2 I could not solve…

Anyone knows what is wrong here ?

ps: I must say that opening examples is such a basic thing. The fact that it is not working smoothly really frustrates and pushes into just trying some other hardware.

Did you read DaisyExamples/libDaisy/examples/ ?

These examples aren’t set up for vscode. I’ve been using Daisy for years, and never noticed them before.

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thanks for the answer. Yes I did read it. Frankly for a new person it is hard to understand what do they mean there. The folder is clearly named “examples” as all other “examples”.

In the readme we have:

"1.Provide compilable examples for CI to catch library issues that can only happen when including headers that aren’t compiled along with the library.
2.Provide simple, illustrative usage examples for inclusion within the documentation
3.Provide usage examples for hardware specific modules that would be hard to wrap into the unit tests.

Statement 1 is unclear for a person like me.
Statement 2 sounds like these are simple illustrative examples - they looks so.
Statement 3 sounds like these are examples for hardware usage - exactly what i paid for.

A am basically trying to find any simple working way, which would show me the very basic functionality of this board - I need to push an external button and this should trigger a sound. Simple.
Teensy gives this example right away in the video tutorial on their first page.
Daisy - no. I spent already some hours, and still I only can push a button and blink a LED. This is DSP board ? Sorry, im frustrated.

Welcome sskk!

We’re sorry that the purpose of examples in libDaisy is not clarified more. We’ll discuss more about making the clearer.

As for general examples that you should try out, those live in DaisyExamples/seed.

For example, DaisyExamples/seed/Drum should be a good one to try out if you want to trigger a sound with an external button.
We can also heavily consider making the Button example about triggering a tone with an external button.

We greatly appreciated your feedback.