Cannot get task build_all

I am on Windows 10. I have been following the Getting Started Guide (libDaisy: libDaisy). I freshly installed Git, the Daisy toolchain, the modules, and VS Code. When I load the Blink.cpp example from ~Desktop/DaisyExamples/seed/Blink/, and hit Ctrl + Shift + P (that’s how the palette pulls up in my VS Code), >task build_all is not an available task. I’ve checked the other forum posts. The one solution I could not figure out to test was using MINGW-64 as the shell (Need help with includePath in VS Code). Does anyone have any advice to step through this? I’m not finding any error messages. The toolchain commands just aren’t being found, even though I’m in the right spot and freshly installed everything.

I’ve now attempted the same thing on a brand new Windows 11 laptop while following the YouTube tutorial. Same issue. What am I missing?


Alright I don’t know what the hell happened. I switched to selecting the example FOLDER over the example FILE (.cpp). And it didn’t seem to work immediately. But then it eventually started going. I don’t know what’s up but that is probably my answer. It is now blinking.

Alright now it’s completely broken. I was able to upload Blink.cpp once. Trying to modify the file, it failed to reupload. Checking on Zadig, the device WAS listed as Unknown USB Device. Now that I have replugged Daisy Seed and restarted my computer, Zadig cannot properly reinstall the driver. :frowning: I will just buy an actual ADC.

It gets easier.

Remember - you need to press the BOOT and RESET buttons before each upload, and this changes what is seen in a USB listing.

Hi Wilson!

You made the right decision by choosing to open the folder instead of the .cpp file itself.
And as tele_player said, always remember to put the Daisy into bootloader mode before flashing.

It does indeed get easier once you get the hang of it!
We’ll be happy to answer any questions that you come across.

Yeah I’ve finally got it going. I set it down for 24 hours and now Zadig suddenly recognizes its USB ID and my error 74s are all gone. I think I just have a faulty USB cable and couldn’t tell. My apologies.

Hey I’ve noticed that I can’t use my serial ports for monitoring unless I set the driver using Zadig to the USB serial option. It will not work with the “WinUSB” driver. However, I begin to get an Error 74 when using the USB serial option. The classic:

Warning: Invalid DFU suffix signature
A valid DFU suffix will be required in a future dfu-util release!!!
Cannot open DFU device 0483:df11
No DFU capable USB device available
make: *** […/…/libDaisy/core/Makefile:330: program-dfu] Error 74

Do you know how to get the DS to be recognized as a serial port communicator while also avoiding the Error 74?

Happy Friday Wilson :slight_smile:

The Error 74 such as in

make: *** [program-dfu] Error 74

is normal and can be ignored. I just added this info in the pinned comment of the YouTube video and also on the Wiki. Thank you for the reminder!

The main message to instead watch out for is error such as

No DFU capable USB device available.

This indicates that your USB cable could be acting up or that your Daisy Seed is not in bootloader mode (hopefully it’s not the cable!).

And you can learn more about serial printing here on our libDaisy documentation: libDaisy: Getting Started - Serial Printing