Cannot get any sound using pd2dsy

Hello !
For context, I’m quite new to the Daisy, and even newer with Pure Data. I’m a software dev though, and very familiar with c/c++.
Anyways :slight_smile:
I want to generate sound on the Daisy seed, and I can do it properly using the daisyduino environment.
Now, I’d like to use pd to create more complex patches more visually. The pd2dsy compilation and upload process basically works, meaning that I managed to make the LED blink example work.
But I can’t get anything from the audio outputs.
I created the simplest possible pd patch:

loadbang → osc~ 220 → dac~

Here is my custom json file (the LED config comes from the blink example) :

    "name": "seednico",
    "som": "seed",
        "channels": 2
    "components": {
        "led": {
            "component": "UserLed"

Really sorry if I’m missing something obvious…

Thanks a lot for your help !

Not sure if this is the reason - but the loadbang is not needed here if you initialize the oscillator with a frequency parameter.

Otherwise, you’d need to bang a frequency to osc~ - e.g.:

[220( ← message

Maybe the bang alone gets interpreted as 0 and therefore you get a non-oscillating… err… oscillator? Can’t check right now though.

In Heavy the oscillators do not accept control inputs on the left inlet.

So you will need to create a signal instead:

Or, just omit the loadbang, it should work given just the argument as well.

Thanks a lot for the tips, I’ll try both tonight and let you know !

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oh damn… thanks for pointing this out, @dreamer - and sorry for the noise in that case. I wonder if the loadbang is still the problem then.

Thank you so much @dreamer, your example patch works perfectly when uploaded via pd2dsy !
I can go ahead now with my custom json definition :partying_face:

Thanks !

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Once you’ve connected a potentiometer you can have it create quantized notes using something like this:

Oooooh very clever to use midi for quantization :slight_smile: