Can the Pod Line Out and Phones be used for CV?

I know this question reveals my fundamental lack of knowledge re: audio vs control voltage :slight_smile: but I’m wondering if the Line and Phone out on the Pod can instead be used for control voltage? (i.e like the CV_OUT on the patch)

Take a look at the schematics:




On Page 4 of the Seed schematic we can see how the codec is connected to the audio IO through some filtering networks with resistors and capacitors (C33, C54, C64 and C65). Those caps will act to “block DC” - or are called AC coupled.

Similarly on the second page of the Pod schematic there are capacitors (C62 and C63) that will do the same thing.

That makes the line/headphone outs not particularly suitable for CV voltages.

On the Patch schematic we can see that the CV_OUT jacks are DC coupled i.e. no DC blocking capacitors in the signal path - and the CV signal originates from the STM32 DAC_OUT pins.
Those pins are available on the Seed’s pins 29 and 30.


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Thanks, that’s great info!
Cheers, Mat