Can one use the audio outs for CV?

Hi there, I’m considering a Daisy, but want to know it the audio ins and outs can be used instead as additional CV ins and outs. I’m ok with having to write my own code to do this if it’s possible.


And if it’s not possible, here’s a vote for making a Daisy module that is output oriented. I’d buy one with a load of CV and Gate outs in a heartbeat. :slight_smile:

No, but kind of yes.
The audio i/o is filtered so that any signal below a certain frequency (so static or slow moving voltages like much of CV is) will be filtered out.

However, if your CV is faster than that frequency you can use it to this end. For example I was able to use them for trigger outs no problem. I’m sure others will chime in with some numbers to throw at you, but you’ll get some good mileage out of trying different signals and just seeing if it works or not.

AC outputs can be rectified and smoothed with a diode and a capacitor.

A square wave output gives a resulting CV voltage. Vary the duty cycle, and you get a different voltage.
You could calibrate that using the inputs, but better measure first - don’t want to damage the inputs.

Others have done something similar.

I haven’t done it though.

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Yep! As you prolly know, but for anyone else, that’s how all of our psu’s work. And the work and thought you put into it is going to determine how good it actually works.

I do wish we had more cv outs… if the patch screen could be more easily customized, it’s just asking to be a custom designed sequencer. I mean, sequencers are so personal and then design one is max?? Cmon that’s great.

I just bought a daisy pod board (cause couldn’t wait for seed to come back lol), with the sole purpose of using daisy to make a midi control expander for daisy patch! I think it will be a very neat thing. Daisy patch, but infinite control knobs. Or idk like 12 or something lol.

Although, two patches would give you 10 output gates, and 4 cv pitch controls… at $320 each or something that’s on par for cost with flagship sequencers. The issue is it’s still really limited for anything but drum sequencing and running one cable (16 channels but that starts to get meh after 2). Oh well

Yes that is exactly what I’m after! I’m the author of Scheme for Max and Scheme for Pd, which enable you to script Max and Pd in Scheme Lisp, and are ideal for writing custom sequencers. They use s7 Scheme, which is very minimal and written in pure ANSI C, so can run on small machines with no problems. It would be lovely to be able to use it on a Daisy or similar for sequencing… :slight_smile:

Sounds interesting. Does it work with Heavy (HVCC)? Because that’s what used for compiling PD patches for MCUs.

I don’t know yet, there is a lot I need to learn about the Pd side. This started as a Max project, so I’m slowly learning Pd dev now too. I do know people have built s7 for small targets, but no idea if it will work with Heavy!