Can I Share a Guide I Wrote with the Community?

I’ve been working on a Guide for the Daisy Pod. The Guide is for connecting the Pod, setting up Max with oopsy, and explains the oopsy_pod template and how to build your own patches using that template.

Not sure if it’s permitted to post the guide here in the forums or if there is another place like the github pages where it would be okay to post.

It is totally definitely permitted to post the guide here in the forum. If you want to also upload it to github and possibly get help maintaining it that’s ok also.

Sorry for the newbie question. I tried to upload it but it said the system woudn’t allow it.
Could you explain how I upload a file? Currently it is a DOCX file but I can convert it to a PDF or whatever.

Hmmm, when you press the “reply” or start a new post you get an editor window, with upward pointing arrow from a horizontal bar for upload. Is that what you’re trying? When-how does the forum not “allow it”? It could be a matter of not having been a forum member long enough. I do think docx files might not be allowed, worth trying as a pdf.

Just tried with the file converted to rtf

That’s really interesting, and clear enough, it makes sense that neither rtf or docx was good, and pdf wouldn’t be either. Let’s see what happens when I try… wow, same thing - I guess I was wrong, and you’d have to ask the ‘powers that be’ to post or maybe you can update the wiki.

And I should have known i was wrong as soon I typed “totally definitely”!

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Hey @Astrin & @tunagenes!

So as of right now, we recommend that you share a link to a google doc. I can bring up the topic of extending file upload permissions during the next team meeting though. And I will keep you posted!

Feel free to start a new thread with the same title of “A Guide for the Daisy Pod” or “Here’s My Guide for the Pod & Oopsy!” or something along those lines.
I’ll change this thread title to “Can I Share a Guide I Wrote to the Community?” so you can start anew :slight_smile:


That seems like a workable solution, Testing 1, 2, 3, here is a Google Drive link to Chapter 2 of Science and Sanity an Introduction to General Semantics by Alfred Korzybski (sands-ch02.pdf):
And here is link to the full book at The European Society for General Semantics if that piqued anyone’s interest:
I recommend starting at Chapter 1, skipping the many forewords and prefaces.
Seems good to go, and not really limited to Google Drive either.


Worked for me, thanks Takumi_Ogata!

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I forgot that drive has pdf preview! This works good for the time being then!

And as always the answer was staring at me right in the face!
The idea of using Google Drive was in the back of my mind, as I was considering using my oneDrive to share the guide, but I was concerned about privacy and hackability. Never used Google drive to share anything so I’ll need to brush up about the privacy and hackability of using Google Drive.
Thanks @Takumi_Ogata !

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Holy moly this doc caught my eye :open_mouth:
Thought you had written it! :smile:

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Ha! I’m proud that I was able to read Science and Sanity.

I am reading a ‘simplified’ version on my youtube channel to create a kind of audio book:

Chapter 10 is a summary of the ‘Tools for Thinking’ that the book covers:

I now return to audio-computers-electronics.


@tunagenes I just subscribed. Nice to see another boomer.
You DO know, don’t you, that we are supposed to be playing bocce ball with the folks at the senior center rather than having fun with @Takumi_Ogata and these kids here in the Daisy Funhouse? :smile:
Yeeeeeaaaarrrsss ago I had a friend at Stanford who used to read Scientific American like it was People magazine. I always thought that was comical.

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