Can I hire one of you for a couple hours of help?

I’m looking to hire somebody for a couple hours of of work helping me integrate a hardware sensor ( into the daisy and to help me setup a decent dev environment. Haven’t used my board for nearly a year because development feels so clunky and things are currently a bit over my head. Would really love to feel inspired again and I’m hoping having a functional pet project would do that. If you’ve got some hardware experience and know how to setup a decent tooling chain, please let me know!

Looking at this video here

you could probably just use the sensor as a CV source. You’d want to build a buffering circuit between sensor and pin so you don’t accidentally damage the STM with too much voltage.

from Hardware/ES_Daisy_Patch_Rev4.pdf at master · electro-smith/Hardware · GitHub

The rest of their library is probably just DSP with that signal :grinning:

Buffer isn’t needed. All that’s needed (for hardware) is power, ground, and an analog input.
The PulseSensor is powered by DC voltage between from 3 to 5.5V.
The PulseSensor output is in the range 0.3V to input voltage.

I would start with using Arduino IDE, install DaisyDuino and the PulseSensor library.

Regarding setting up the dev environment, if you’re going the C++ route, we uploaded a video recently to help with that. Things have gotten a lot easier in the last year. C++ env video