(C++) Diagnosing a runtime crash

Hey folks,

I’m currently debugging a runtime crash in my C++ based Daisy program. I’m using the JTAG debug probe and cortex debug in vscode, as per the official instructions.

I can use breakpoints to step through the code and see variable values but I would like some more helpful information. It looks like cortex debug spins up a GDB session - there a way that I can get a core dump, view the stack trace, or something of that nature?


FYI if I type bt in the GDB terminal during runtime (before the crash), it will show me the expected information. However, if I try typing it after the crash has occured, I just get this message followed by some useless output: Thread Warning: repl: eval. expression 'bt' with no thread context. Using default .

Hi @Evan,

The latest commits on the master branch (ahead of the latest release) actually added quite a bit to the Hardfault Handler (where I assume your code ends up when it crashes). The updates therein should help diagnosing the source of the fault.

Hope that helps! :slight_smile:

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Wonderful! I’ll try it out. Thanks :slight_smile: