Building oopsy from zip file


I downloaded the zip file with the oopsy source code, but from there I was not sure how to build the code.

For example: I opened the git bash shell, and wanted to just use make from the source directory but there is no make file. Is there something I am missing to help build the latest dev branch?

Note: my goal is to be able to try out the load functions and use the updated MIDI stack on my Daisy field.

Any thoughts or help here would be greatly appreciated.


I’m doubtful whether building from the zip file can work – I strongly recommend doing it with git, since it needs to download submodules (and github’s zipping doesn’t do that unfortunately).

This means you’ll need git on the command line. You might already have it. On OSX open a terminal and type git – if it says “no such command” or something then you need it. You can get it via homebrew using brew install git. On Windows you can just download the Git Bash Shell from

Once you have it, open (OSX a terminal / Windows Git Bash Shell).

You need to navigate to Max’s Packages folder.


cd ~/Documents/Max\ 8/Packages


cd Documents/Max\ 8/Packages

(note the weird down slash before the space before the “8” – that tells the shell the space is part of the path)

Now you can clone:

git clone -b dev

Now go into it:

cd oopsy

And build it:


It might take a minute, but you should get a message that looks a bit like this:

rebuilding everything. . . 
only errors, and warnings will output. . . 
rebuilding libdaisy
arm-none-eabi-ar: creating build/libdaisy.a
done building libdaisy

That means it’s done, and you have a fresh oopsy ready to go.

If you had errors, you might be missing components needed for the toolchain – have a look at the “getting started” toolchain instructions at 1e. Getting Started With Oopsy (Gen~ Integration) · electro-smith/DaisyWiki Wiki · GitHub

If at any time in the future you want to then get the most recent version you can do it via git too. Open a git shell as above, and:


cd ~/Documents/Max\ 8/Packages/oopsy


cd Documents/Max\ 8/Packages/oopsy

Then, for the dev branch:

git checkout -b dev
git pull

If you wanted to go back to the main branch:

git checkout -b main
git pull

Hi @BHAudio ,

The .zip file is a minor convenience for the main branch releases. It has libdaisy pre-built, and should be able to just run as long as you have the toolchain installed.

As @grrrwaaa mentioned above, In order to be able to dynamically update, and/or access the dev branch you will have to use git.


Thank you!

I am on Windows and I used the right-click context menu, opened up a Git Bash Shell and followed what you put here. It worked great! I have the latest files pulled down and it built.

Now on to trying out some of the new goodness! Yeah!

Thank you again for the help.

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