Bug in the Torus example

Hi everybody

I found a bug in the Torus example, when you switch the polyphony mode from one to two or four I’ve noticed that right output stops. Did somebody watch the same behavior?

I found the same “bug” when porting it haha.
It’s actually intended behavior. If memory serves the two and four voice modes are stereo where every other note is hard panned.

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Ok understand but why he acts like this could you explain this to me if its not too complicated?

Im a noob :innocent:

I’ve also opened an issue on github ops

I also made some tests with Torus (comparing it to VCV Resonator :wink: … I’ll soon upload a video); but I was not able to use CTRL1_IN (first input/knob) as a standard 1V per octave input (V/OCT input on Rings).
After struggling a little-bit I changed the source code in this way:

Source: cv_scaler.cc
  float transpose = 60.0f * adc_lp_[POT_FREQUENCY];
  float hysteresis = transpose - transpose_ > 0.0f ? -0.3f : +0.3f;
  transpose_ = static_cast<int32_t>(transpose + hysteresis + 0.5f);
  // float note = calibration_data_->pitch_offset;
  // note += adc_lp_[ADC_CHANNEL_CV_V_OCT] * calibration_data_->pitch_scale;
  ////performance_state->note = adc_lp_[POT_FREQUENCY] * 48.0f;
  ////performance_state->tonic = 12.0f + transpose_;
  float quantized = (int)(transpose + 0.5);
  performance_state->note = 0;
  performance_state->tonic = 12.0f + quantized;

and now it seems to work better (still testing).
Also the Exciter input seems not to behave in the same manner.

But perhaps, I’m doing something wrong.

Did you test it with an external strummer + 1V/oct source?

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