Board controls into PD from receive objects

I tried to create the object [r Knob1 @hv_param .5 0 1] in Pure Data but the potentiometer doesn’t work. During the conversion this error comes up:
Converting volume3 for pod platform

  1. e[91mErrore[0m pd2hv: [r Knob1 @hv_param 0.5 0 1] in “volume3.pd” @ (x:158, y:90): Default parameter value is greater than the maximum. Receiver will not be exported: 1 > 0

the correct way to write the object is this: [r Knob1 @hv_param 0 1 0.5] the first 2 values represent the interval and the third the default value.
There’s another problem. It seems the range of values is not working. If I type the object in this way [r Knob1 @hv_param 0 10 5], the range I find is still between 0 and 1.
What can it depend on?

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which version are you talking about? I have the POD

Yeah I deleted my message again, because I figured you were using the POD not Seeds.

This is interesting. I’ll have to look into it, but the control ranges/defaults might need to be handled in the generated code, and not internally. So this could very well be a bug.