Bare Metal Development?

Hello. I’m already an STM32 bare metal developer. This looks like an exciting little board, maybe just what I’m looking for. While I am anxious to explore the FW support at a higher level that is already there, it’s possible I’ll want to dive down below. I noticed that the board has mini-Jtag, so I could use STM32CubeIDE. Are there any example programs at this level, particularly with regards to a driver for the audio Codec? Is the platform friendly for someone like me not wanting to be limited to a simplified Arduino type programming model, who is using a full IDE already and programming in C++11?

There’s a CubeMX project that you could use as a starting point. Note that some peripherals were later tweaked in libDaisy, so you should keep an eye on code that is actually in that library.

Codec is easy to use, because it’s fairly dumb - you just configure SAI and you can reset it with a particular pin. That’s pretty much all you can do with it. I assume you know how to setup audio with DMA double buffering :wink:

I choose the Daisy specifically because it WASN’T using CubeIDE. If you’ve been on the ST Forum you may recognise me as one of the people who constantly call out ST on this abomination together with HAL, the most inefficient software development library known to mankind. Daisy currently has a few bits of HAL remaining but Electrosmith did promise to get rid of them.

But anyway the recommended Daisy development model is the full ARM toolset. Arduino support is available as well but isn’t going to be suitable for advanced development.