Somebody should port the Axoloti firmware to Daisy Seed.


Would love for this to be a thing!

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That would be great indeed, to have a micro Axoloti option!
And it isn’t bad either to have an extra hardware option for when the original Axoloti is out of stock.

That might also give some push to the Axoloti 2.0 usage/development, as it will be way easier to port Axoloti 2.0 to the STM32H7 than 1.0.12.

Axoloti 2.0 is not completely stable nor fully compatible, but adds a lot of improvements and new possibilities.

Axoloti 1.0.12 has already been ported to STM32H7, but that was done by somebody who has his own plans for an Axoloti replacement, more announcements expected soon. But I doubt his board will be as affordable as Daisy Seed.

Why would 2.0 be easier to port to STM32H7?

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1.0.12 is using an old ChibiOS release, 2.6.9, which doesn’t support the stm32h7 line yet. The ChibiOS 3.0 broke a lot of small things (for the best), so extra effort is needed to port 1.0.12 to a recent ChibiOS. I think that effort is better put in improving version 2.0. I think the main issue is compatibility with 1.0.12 patches and objects.

But maybe the Akso firmware is easier to port, I guess Nicolas already did the port to a recent ChibiOS then.

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Would really be great to be able to use the Axoloti/Akso patcher with daisy for small dedicated embedded applications. I don’t have time to learn how to code and the visual patcher is far more accessible letting me focus on small projects in my limited time for DIY. I’m sure there are plenty more out there like me!

That said the full Akso board looks great and I am v much looking forward to getting my hands on one sooner rather than later.