Audio clipping

Hi there I have a POD which I am using as an effects processor.
It was always clipping the audio.
I assumed that I must hacve been sending too much digital audio out.
Today I opened up VSCODE and divided the output by different factors like reducing output by a factor of 10. It’s much quieter but still clipping.
I am using synthesizers plugged directly into the pod. with a 1/4 to 1/8 cable.
Is this behaviour expected . I have had a couple of pods and it’s always the same.
With no effect applied at all it clips.
It sounds like beyond a certain amount of input the A/D converter is clipping .

From the Daisy Seed data sheet, the audio inputs are AC coupled, 3.6v peak-to-peak, which is about 1v RMS.

Turn down the synth until clipping stops.

Does the clipping happen with the bypass example program?

yes clipping the same with the bypass program.
It does seem that the A/D converts cant take much signal .