Atlas Reverb / Delay Guitar Pedal

Here’s a new prototype pedal I made using the Daisy Seed and a custom PCB. It’s pretty good at making ethereal and ambient sounds, but can also do typical reverb spaces like Room and Hall. I tried to get as much out of the Daisy Seed as possible, it’s about at the limit as far as real time processing and memory. Development took awhile because I kept finding new sounds and getting distracted. Enjoy!


Looks and sounds amazing !! I’ve only just started a delay project on the terrarium and this is beyond inspiring!

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Looks and sounds amazing!

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Very nice, not just the audio, but the whole package. It is rare to see so polished DIY product. The graphic design alone can put many boutique pedals to shame.

I am curious if the Freeze function is similar to EHX’s Freeze pedal or something different altogether.

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Thanks! I looked up a video of the freeze pedal and I think it’s something completely different, the freeze function in my pedal just sets the reverb and delay feedback to 1, and doesn’t let any new sound into the reverb/delay. A more accurate name for it might be Sustain.

It’s so L U S H :sparkles:
You seriously keep hitting it out of the park with every pedal!