As Takumi Says: Success!

Happy guy here. Have the Daisy Pod.

After going through the incrediby involved set up process for Arduino, I actually got not one but several arduino daisy files working. To me that is shocking.

I got Pd files from Takumi working, after a long struggle trying to understand what pd2daisy is and what it is supposed to do. Still don’t understand how to map the controls on the Pod to a Pd file. Baby steps.

After trying to use the web programmer I read the wiki again and discovered Zadiq. That might be why the web programmer works now. A very nice feature the web programmer is.

After another involved process setting up Daisy for Max with oopsy, gen~, etc. I was ready to throw in the towel. Many times opening the oopsy pod template, trying to save it in various ways, getting the dfu not found/not/ready/your hands are cold don’t touch me messages…I finally opened a bunch of help files in Max on gen~, oopsy, the patcher module whatever it’s called–and messing with the gen~ block in a ‘detail’ window (don’t know the terminology)–I FINALLY got an idea of what was going on with this pod template. For example, the ‘hiss’ I heard was the noise clearly shown in the gen~ window. Facepalm! The whine I heard were the 1000 cycles that were controlled by the knobs on the daisy pod. And YES I still don’t know how the knobs and switches and encoder were originally mapped in that gen~ window.

The moral of this long-winded diatribe is Don’t Give Up. If I can do it so can you!


Hey Astrin!

Thank you so much for sharing your journey so far! This was awesome to read.
And yes! Small step at a time, never give up, and have fun!!

Thank you Ogata san.
If you could, a video explaining the oopsy pod template and its various elements, would go a long way on the journey to learning to use the daisy pod. I am trying to learn Max but there is a lot to learn, so a ‘focused’ video on the oopsy pod template would help a great deal.

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Definitely, the hardware configuration tutorial series is planned!

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Woohoo! Yes , can;t wait!