Are there through-hole versions of the existing open source designs?

Hi! I love that there are cem3340 Eurorack vco, vcf, and vca open source designs already to go for the Daisy. Are there non-smt or through-hole versions of these designs that I’m not seeing? I’ve done some non-daisy kits basically like paint-by-numbers modules, but only through-hole. I don’t have the equipment or skill to do smt soldering. I have a couple daisy seeds and 8 cem3340s I bought from onchip when she first re-released the rev G and you had to email to buy them (I was afraid they would run out or stop). I’ve been looking around to find PCB’s or designs that include the sine wave like the Electrosmith on, VCO Maximus, or Doepfer A-111-2. If there isn’t already discreet versions of the Electrosmith modules are there plans to release them eventually? Is it like a couple clicks in a design program like Eagle to switch smt to through-hole or is it much more complicated (I haven’t tried any of the design software yet)? I’m very novice. Like repaired a few guitar pedals and modded some of my volcas and monotribes. Done a couple through hole modules but I don’t know any actual design or engineering.

Thanks in advance for any answers/wisdom.

It won’t be a few clicks to change from SMT to thru-hole design, otherwise every open source hardware in existence would have been converted by now. With CAD software you start with schematic view, were your component connections are specified, then you make an actual PCB layout were you place everything on board design. This takes more time and this would have to be redone from scratch in this case.

There are very few precedents when something like this has been done. I’ve built a thru-hole version of Ornament&Crime module, there also are some unofficial thru-hole builds for several designs of Mutable Instruments (Braids, Clouds, Kinks). I recall that Clouds clone had some issues and got abandoned by its author.

That’s good to know. Thank you!