Arduino Debug Logging

Hi everyone, I am trying to get debug messages to print over the COM port when running the Daisy with Arduino. I have done this successfully on a different board with Arduino (Seeed Wio LTE) but am not having success with the Daisy.

I have tried using the standard Arduino Serial.println function but had no luck. I have this code in my setup function (I have tried multiple baud rates as well):

Serial.println(“Hello world”);

Could anyone help me with printing debug messages for the Daisy in Arduino?

When you write COM port, do you mean the debug console in the Arduino IDE?

I just tried it here, on Mac OS 10.14.6. It works correctly.

In Tools menu, set USB support to CDC(generic serial supersede USART) .
In Tools menu, select the correct Port for this ‘usbmodem’.


void setup() {
  Serial.begin(); // no rate needed since this isn't really a UART

void loop() {
  static int ctr = 0;


Thanks, that worked!

I was trying to view it using Termite and it wasn’t working for some reason but when I configured it as you described and connected with the Arduino debug console I can see the output.

You will be able to use any terminal program which can access a USB ‘serial’ port.

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