Analog GPIO pins on Patch Submodule

I’m looking for some clarification about the Analog GPIO pins on the Patch Submodule, specifically the ADC_9, ADC_10, ADC_11, ADC_12 pins. These pins are labeled as Analog GPIO and Digital GPIO. Does that mean these pins can output analog voltages or are they only analog input pins and digital output?

I’m still new to hardware development and learning as I go so any help is appreciated. I’m considering the Daisy Submodule to build a relatively simple trigger sequencer with 4 gate/trig outputs and 4 CV outputs. The 4 gate outputs will come from an I2C quad DAC.

Hey zyxy398!

Those ADC pins are for inputs as they are analog-to-digital converters.

Daisy comes with 2 DACs that can be used for CV outs.

I did talk about how we could possibly add more DACs in this post that I think you may find useful!! No Dac output with custom seed targets - #7 by Takumi_Ogata

Which programming language are you thinking about using by the way?


Hey, thanks for the quick reply and links! Prior to this post I had seen your video about the I2C Quad DAC and was intending to try it. Have you used it with Daisy yet? I also think using a PWM output would be adequate for my project as well.

I still haven’t selected a language, but C++ or PD is most likely.

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Not yet! But I really need to try it out very soon.

I think using C++ (including Arduino IDE) may be the way to go! Setting up a json file to use I2C components with Pure Data and gen~ may be tricky.

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Ok great, thanks for the suggestion!

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