ADSR + VCA with daisy seed?

I’m just getting started. It just occurred to me that I could use a quad Envelope and VCA. Would it be possible to do this with the Patch?

Hi Mitchell!

What you can do with the Seed, you should be able to do with the Daisy Patch.
Could you tell me more about your project?

Thanks for the reply. I just had the need for a couple envelopes and VCAs, and I own a Daisy Patch I haven’t done much with.

I found the Quad AD VCA app in the Daisy examples folder. Tried this out and it worked.

I’m reviewing the code. Is there a guide on how to draw on the OLED?

I’m glad to hear that you found what you needed!

Not that I know of. I really do need to put together tutorials on OLED. I’m sorry that I haven’t had a chance to yet.