Adding a hardware Midi In Socket to Daisy Seed

I am trying to add a midi in port to my daisy seed / pure data project. I want to be able to play notes via a midi keyboard to the patch flashed to the Daisy.

I bought midi in board (see images) and I understand that I need to use the USART1 pins to connect to the Daisy.

A few questions:

1: Which pins should I be looking at 36/37 or 14/15?
2: What do I do in Pure Data to parse that data to patch?
1: Am I exactly going in the right direction?

Apologies if this is a simple thing but I’m very new to all this.

Worked this out now. Thanks to dreamer in Discord.

Lessons learnt for future readers:

1: Use PlugData and NOT Pure Data when compiling and flashing
2: Add the following to your JSON file after the “som”: “seed”, line:

“defines”: {

3: Use Pin 15 (D14) as your input on Daisy
4: Use ‘notein’ command followed a ‘mtof’ and a “sig~”

The board shown above is a 3.3v board and works great, found it on eBay for about £6.

Thanks again to dreamer


Well you can use Pure Data, just don’t use pd2dsy to convert your patch to the daisy, if you want any of the modern features. Since pd2dsy has not been updated in a long time.

plugdata just makes things a lot more convenient since it ships an updated compiler toolchain and has warnings in place when you enable “compiled mode”. It also comes with heavylib included, which is a nice set of abstractions including filters, oscillators and signal rate logic operators.

If you want to use MIDI with PD patches on the Daisy you will need an up to date Heavy compiler, which is not included in pd2dsy