Add more CV input/outputs to Patch?

Hi all,

I just got my Daisy Patch and I’m starting to brainstorm what I want to do with it. Looking at perhaps porting some other open source eurorack modules to the Daisy.

One thing that I’m hitting is that the Patch is a bit short on CV inputs/outputs (and gates/triggers).

I’m wondering if it would be possible to expand the patch with some more ports. I know that the headers on the patch have more female headers for expanding. But I’m having a hard time seeing any free pins that could be used. If there were, I’d be looking at finding an IO expander chip and address it via SPI or I2C. I’m kind of a noob here so this would be a big project for me.

Are there any pointers/examples/advice here? Has anyone done anything to expand the various daisy systems using those extra female headers?

Thank you!

Those “extra” headers are just parallel connections to Daisy pins. You could use it to replace some of the module’s peripherals, but that means that you’ll be loosing some of its functionality. IIRC, every pin on Daisy was used for something on Patch.

If you want to control more parameters without sacrificing anything, you should probably consider using MIDI.

If there was a button, you could make a page system, where you can push one button, to switch between page 1 and page 2, ehich would give you twice as many pots.

Does the encoder have a push function?

If I try and use those pins will the existing connections interfere?

It looks like the MIDI pins can also be used for I2C so that is a possibility. Those are all passive components so likely there won’t be any interference from them as long as there is nothing plugged into those jacks.

Hi @Jaffasplaffa – not looking for more pots, really but instead looking for more 3.5mm inputs and outputs that are DC coupled for CV (and gate/trigger).

Ah yes, sorry… :kissing_heart:

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Yes, you can use the encoder and push button to switch functionality, I plan on doing this for my Daisy Path granular synth/sample player/cloud reverb.