ADC input values

What is the range of values that are received through the InputBuffer. Is it -1 to 1? 0 to 1? If the input is zero volts what value should I expect to see in the buffer?

I get 0-1 on my Daisy Seed.

That’s odd. On my petal I used the LEDs to report the sample values and it’s about -0.5 to 0.5 and 0.0 when the input is at 0 volts.

I only have the Seed. I thought you were meaning the ADC connected to the pins.

If you mean the sample values, the stuff from audio in (and out), they go from -1 to 1 (see Float range of input signal on seed - #3 by varlogtim).

Maybe this is interesting too: Daisy Patch Input CV voltage and Control Knobs

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