Hi friends, it looks like I dragged my feet too long. I am working on a prototype that I was planning to use the Seed as a part of it, and I wanted to get started with the stereo in and out and then later add another AK part for four channel audio. But now no one has that part any more so I should have bought one last year I guess. I just need one, if there is anyone who has one for me? I saw one on eBay a while ago, for $60. Further plans were to up the channel count, eventually to 4 channels in and eight channels out, so that Cirrus part I’ve seen mentioned would work, but then there is the software. One would need to trim out the code for the built in codec (safely?) and add code for the Cirrus. Ugh. Is there any plan for doing this sort of updating of the Daisy code or of the board itself?

//drools over the idea of a “Daisy Farm” product with 8 audio I/O, 24 knobs and 8 faders…

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