A patchable synth with Daisy?

Is it possible to make a synthesizer with a patch bay that uses the Daisy to generate sound? Something like the Korg volca modular or the Bastl Kastl where you’d have inputs and outputs and connecting them with jumper wires.

One of the main reasons why I got the Daisy is its ability to expand its inputs and outputs with i2c and spi, so that I can make a customizable patchable synth.

Hardware-wise, this is certainly possible. But if you have to ask such question instead of reading MCU and peripheral datasheets, there’s a very long list of things to learn about embedded hardware and software.

As an example, MAX11300 is an SPI-based GPIO expander IC that could be used to add 20 ports with configurable 12 bit ADC or DAC channels. Obviously, software side would have to be added to libDaisy in order to run patches that use it.

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