500 series studio module

Just tossing ridiculous ideas out here, as one does.
This “could be” something very cool, conceptually.
A 500 series module would require at minimum balanced to unbalanced I/O conversion in and out to fully comply with the standard. This could be done with some nice transformers or a typical “active DI” circuit. A clean input gain stage would likely be necessary unless the I/O is designed to work with exact line level 0db unity gain = .775volts = -18dbFS style. Maybe a standardized 2520 opamp socket.
Signal to noise ratio could be a sticking point for “pro” use. Separate BurrBrown AD/DA is probably necessary for best S/N ratio and THD.
All this being said, a 2 slot stereo analog compressor in 500 format ** with recall** runs well over $1000 and a stereo Daisy based module capable of analog modeled whatever could be as low as, idk, $250? even with some decent transformers and burrbrown conversion.
I actually have a broken-ish Capi-Gear VP26 that I could theoretically Frankenstein a Daisy into the signal path. Just need to get the +/-16volts down to Daisy power voltage…
Dumb or smart> IDC!

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500 series modules are usually very early in the chain, and most users would prefer not to go through an extra A-D and D-A at this point.

An interesting alternative might be to go mixed signal, like the RNC which has been popular forever. Use digital to analyze the incoming signal, but have the microcontroller control an analog gain stage.

True. Personally I only have ten 500 modules and they’re all preamps, about half of which I assembled myself from kits.
A half-rack like the RNC does make more sense.
Lately I have been thinking of making a 500 six-space lunchbox ultimate channel for live use and a Daisy at the end would be cool

Also, the RNC has been around for over 20 years, which demonstrates that an MCU like Daisy’s STM32H750 is way more powerful than needed.

O yeah for sure.

Working on it :slight_smile:

the IO is based on the DYRE electronics schematics providing balanced IO , clean and simple…

The analog IO is based on the 6 parameter ,4 mom and 3 toggle switches Petal-Configuration with additional summing op amps that read the Omni port if the rack supports that.
The effects are our own algorithms in various combinations providing either stereo or dual mono effects.
I even got the front panels made, just waiting for the metal shielding and mounting cradles.

We are also doing a crunchy analog filter with built in LFO section that outputs to the omni bus once this one is ready.


Ha! I had a feeling someone would be interested in this idea.
I am very interested and have an Omniport capable rack also.
MIDI I/O would be a big plus for preset recall or whatever.