3v3 Digital vs Analog

regarding the DGND and AGND i already understood that i have to connect them both together.
But i do not understand when to use 3v3 Digital (pin 38) or 3v3 Analog (pin 21) in a cirquit (for instance on connecting LED, Poti, or more sophisticated things like bus connections). Is there a simple rule that helps me to understand when to use which ?

hmmhm, support is, as i supposed, non existent. switching to arduino, raspberry and teensy. bye


I don’t expect Electro-Smith to read all posts on their community forum, read all messages on discord etc. If you need an answer, use the above form.

Here’s a couple of links on digital/analog ground:

Staying Well Grounded | Analog Devices
Types of PCB Grounding Explained | PCB Layout - YouTube

I see. Thank you for this information and the links. I think these should solve my question.

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