125b board kits?

When the 125b eventually is released will there be complete DIY kits available?
Because that would be amazing.
Also a MIDI option would be amazing.

Stereo audio and Expression pedal input would be amazing. Also a small display like in My Daisy Guitar Pedal Designs on GitHub would be nice for dialling in specific settings.

Just putting this out there again to the ES team, or anyone else in the ‘k n o w’ : is the 125b submodule ever going to see the light of day? I think we’re all anxious to get our hands on those precious little things.

Updates? Timeline? Anything? :wink:


I see code updates related to it in the Oopsy GitHub, even recent ones, so I’d assume it exists.
But where?

The Petal 125B project has been shelved for the time being. However, we are currently developing a new Daisy effects pedal solution that will hopefully be out this spring!


That is a bummer, but thanks for the update!

Yes, that is unfortunate. I don’t really have the resources to put together one of the sweet pedals @keyth72 has going and was looking forward to the petal125b.
BUT if Electro-Smith is re-engineering the concept to include Stereo and MIDI I/O then I’m psyched.