Wiki edit suggestions? Overstepping Contributor?

I have a seed and now i have the patch.init() on the way. While I was going through setup again, I found a link to the GNUToolchain was depreciated. I looked for info on how to ‘suggest edit’ or do a pull request for the wiki entry but found nothing. Then i saw an ‘edit’ button right up on top of the page. I decided to edit the GNU Toolchain link to reflect the most current page for Downloads and hope for the best. I want to contribute in small ways when I can, but I was expecting some kind of ‘pending approval’ notice- – instead the edit was simply posted! Is this okay? I am new to contributing in open source and didn’t want to overstep. I know in code edits there is a lot of guidance on how to contribute. Sorry for the long winded question, I’m just stepping lightly and looking for a little reassurance!

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Thanks in advance!

Thanks for bringing this up!

Unfortunately GH does not allow PRs for Wikis.
Feel free to edit the page with your suggested changes, and thanks for your contribution!

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Thank you for the reassurance @andrewikenberry I will contribute where I can! :space_invader: :space_invader: :space_invader:

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