VCO submodule manufacturing error?

This may not be the right place for this, but there seems to be no forum dedicated to the submodules. Maybe somebody here can help. I’ve tried getting in contact with customer and tech support through the “contact us” page, but have had no reply. I’ve also tried to get answers through instagram, no reply. I recently ordered a pair of VCO submodules from electro-smith. They arrived without the trim pots for sine shape and symmetry installed. Does anybody know if this is a manufacturing error? Failing that, does anybody know how to get a reply from electro smith?

Hey @pppjppp, welcome to the forum! I believe we are already in correspondence via email, but if not you can reach out directly to for expedited technical support! See you in the threads!

My 2 VCO submodules have the same missing trimmers. The pin-outs are not as specified (for instance, pin out is supposed to be on pin 9 according the the datasheet & and silkscreen, but it appears to be on pin 8). I will follow up with mikenkeys via the email he gave, but wanted to let you know you are not alone @pppjppp

Must have been a bad batch, I had the same problem. I emailed them and they sent me replacement trimmers at no charge.