V/Oct Tracking on Patch.init()?

Hi all! I’m new here - just got my patch.Init() today. I’m brand new to this, so apologies if this is a newbie question.

I started learning a little bit about Max yesterday and when I got the module, I tried to modify the “squine” example file to use CV_5 for pitch. I flashed it up and tested it out in my rack, but it doesn’t track v/oct. I just assumed that oopsy.cv2hz would track v/oct, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Since I don’t know what the conversion is, I don’t know how to get v/oct tracking out of it.

Any ideas? Am I missing something simple? Any input is appreciated since I couldn’t find much on here. Thanks!

I’m not the Max expert around here so perhaps someone else could chime in.
I would assume that function gets you close to v/oct, but the CV isn’t calibrated on the patch.Init() and there’s no explicit v/oct on the module so the tracking wouldn’t be perfect.

You could definitely do a little massaging of the data so it will track v/oct on your unit however!
Maybe someone else could chime in on doing that as well in Max / oopsy.