TDM for multichannel audio I/O

Will there be an software example for how to use TDM for multichannel audio I/O on the Daisy Seed?

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Yes!! This is something I’m personally very excited about.

However it may take a bit longer than some of the other planned features (especially since it would likely need a subassembly or breakout board to showcase/test it).

That said, libdaisy currently uses the ST HAL, which has examples/documentation for TDM configuration that can be used to build it into libdaisy (fairly quickly).


Where we can found this reference doc?

Here’s a doc just over viewing the SAI in general, including TDM modes

And then I think I recall seeing some examples in the repository/ directory inside of the STM32CubeMX software installation.

The STM32H7 HAL reference and the processor’s reference manual also have details about the SAI and how to configure it for TDM.