SOUL Integration?

With SOUL hitting v1.0, are there any projects to create a SOUL… Host? Interpreter? Driver? JIT? (I’m not sure of the correct nomenclature here) to run on Daisy?

If not, does anyone have thoughts on what the biggest impediments are?

Interesting, this is actually the first I’m seeing of this. Looks really neat!

I’ll look into it a bit, but as far as I know there haven’t been any such projects yet.

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I’ve just got it to run on Daisy Patch with OWL.

It requires a wrapper for importing generated file and connecting parameters. OWL uses something like this - OwlProgram/SoulPatch.hpp at feature/soul · pingdynasty/OwlProgram · GitHub

Performance is worse than FAUST, but we had to disable some fast math functions for now.

It doesn’t use JIT for C++ export, this is only mentioned for LLVM/WASM compilation used for the web target.