Sending via USB Midi

I managed to successfully send data from my computer my daisy patch via the daisy::MidiUsbHandler. However when trying to send data nothing is received on my computer.

The code on the computer side itself seems to work, because I can successfully send and receive from other midi devices.

To send data I call the MidiHandler::SendMessage function, which lands in MidiUsbTransport::Impl::Tx.
From there the debugger gives up.

Any useful hints, or is just not yet implemented?

I’ve been using the SendMessage function to send MIDI over USB, so it does work properly. Have you double checked the Midi devices on your computer program? You might need to restart those after a daisy firmware upload and reset.

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Many thanks, that was it.

I need to remove the usb cable while updating the daisy device. Which is still odd, because sending from the PC to daisy worked fine.

Great it works now. I came here to say that there was a bug before that kept usb midi out from working properly but it has been fixed and merged to libdaisy recently. If it works I guess you’re on the latest.
Regarding the clients it depends: some seem to recover gracefully and others don’t.