Sdram.c not found in libDaisy

I cloned DaisyExamples in VS and opened DaisyExamples/libDaisy/lilbdaisy.sln. VisualGDB is set up fine. When building from within Visual Studio I get this error:

arm-none-eabi-gcc.exe: error: src/dev/sdram.c: No such file or directory

When I look in that folder, sdram.c is indeed not there. I actually haven’t found a file called sdram.c in the entire libDaisy library.

There is an sdram.h though. Why would it be looking for sdram.c…?

OTOH, the DaisyExamples/DaisySP build was successful.

Any ideas?

Ok, I figured it out. If someone wants to build libDaisy the “traditional” way, from inside Visual Studio, like I’ve been doing since its inception… don’t ! DaisySP works that way, libDaisy doesn’t.

The Github files
and have big issues that will lead to build errors. Things like includes that don’t exist

ClCompile Include=“src\hid\midi.cpp”
ClCompile Include=“src\hid\oled_display.cpp”

Also, lots of .h and .cpp files that have to be included in the project manually. And a few other things…

Instead, install Git for Windows and run Git bash from the DaisyExamples folder
$ bash ./ci/