Sample Player for Daisy Patch

Here is an early release of a simple WAV sample player for Daisy Patch:

  • stereo samples (int/float) from SD card
  • supports 8/16/24/32bit int and 32/64 bit float samples
  • press/select sample using encoder
  • loads samples to memory, up to 4 samples and 48MB total
  • adjust playback speed from -200% to 200% using CV CTRL1





Cool. Thanks!!! will test it on the weekend :slight_smile:

Sure. It is a first version, at the moment it loads 4 wav files. With a few lines change that allows scrolling up/down, it can load any number of wav files, up to 64MB memory.

Also, it will be straighforward to turn this into a granular synth, that’s up next.

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@erwincoumans looks as if there’s a header file missing:

ex_sampleplayer.cpp:4:10: fatal error: util/wav_format.h: No such file or directory
4 | #include “util/wav_format.h”

You have to clone the repository fully, and a git submodule update --init --recursive
I added a new, get that instead of the default github source archives.

Great. That works now. Thanks @erwincoumans!

A new version is available. It can load up to 64 samples, 64MB,
CTRL1 = speed control, CTRL 2 = volume control
at the end of a sample, GATE OUT is triggered.
You can connect GATE OUT to GATE 1 IN to loop a sample
It has a small help menu at start up.