Replacing 'boot' button / soldering jlink header on Patch?

Hi all, first post here. Couple of related questions:-

I’ve attempted to solder a jlink header to my Daisy Patch, but struggled to get it soldered on. I’m pretty confident with THT soldering and have also done a little bit of SMD, but this was my first go using Kapton tape, a hot air gun and solder paste. Are there any specific tips for getting the header soldered onto the board, and ensuring everything is soldered correctly, without bridging any pins?

I’ve managed to undo my first attempt, but a couple of hours later the ‘boot’ button next to the jlink header space fell apart. I think I must not have adequately covered the button with Kapton tape and the plastic of the button cap must have become warped while I was desoldering the header.

I can still see the traces underneath the button, and seem to be able to ‘press’ it by poking it with a bent-up resistor leg, but if I wanted to replace this button what would I need to buy? (and how would i go about safely replacing it without melting the plastic?)

Hope someone can advise, thanks!

One possibility to just sidestep the ‘melting plastic’ issue would be to just solder some wires on to make a ‘remote boot button’.