Reboot to bootloader from menu

Hi everyone,
So in the list of things that I miss, but are almost there, I’m curious about this one:

I think that one of the easiest implementation woud be to create a gen patcher that does only that. Drop it in your multipatch, when you need to reboot in bootloader, just select this patcher from the menu on the patch.

If there is no work ongoing on that, I can give it a shot for a first contribution.
Or if it is already implemented where can I find it ?


Hi Tom,

I have not had a chance to get around to this yet. So if you’d like to get started on it that would be totally welcome! Also worth noting, that the original intention of that github issue is to be able to click a button on the oopsy bpatcher itself to trigger the Daisy back to the bootloader.

While it would be possible to do what you’re discussing, I think a “return to bootloader” button in the oopsy system. That would be the most flexible, especially for something like the Pod that (afaik) doesn’t support multiple patchers.

The ResetToBootloader could be triggered from a specific MIDI command (either program change, or sysex), and from a UI action on the Patch/Field that have menu systems.

Either way, the first step is adding that function to libDaisy. From there, we should be able to add a million ways to access it however we want.

Cool !
I’ll try to add ResetToBootLoader to libDaisy first. (I’m more an embedded developper than a max dev :slight_smile: )

Is there a particular way to proceed ? Create a ticket first in the libdaisy repo ? start coding send a pull request ? And how to discuss possible solutions ?

Sounds good! And yeah, I just created a github issue. So feel free to continue the conversation there since it’ll be a bit more specific to the feature in libdaisy. And yeah, you can submit code via a PR. Feel free to open it early as a draft if you want.

I think there may already be a functional snippet somewhere in this thread. So that might be a good starting point.

Thanks in advance for the contribution! :slight_smile:

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great !
I’ll check the thread ! and see what I can do from there !


Ok, that was not too difficult, I have implemented the suggestion in the thread, tested it and it works !
I’ll do small clean up tomorrow and push that ! It’s going to be a small pull request :slight_smile:

I used the VCO example to implement a push on the encoder to trigger the reset to boot loader, and I can reprogram without touching the seed !

I’m happy :smiley: