Pure Data plugins support?

Hello all,

Complete noob here. Came across Daisy while looking for a simple small synth on Google. Why not create my own? The Pod board looks perfect for how I want to use it.

I decided to go with Pure Data for programming, since it looks like it’s pretty easy to pick up. A few tutorials later, I’ve got a basic synth with a full ADSR and moog style filter :slight_smile:

My question is, the documentation says that Daisy supports Vanilla Pure Data. Does that mean I can only program with what’s available in the core vanilla system, or can I incorporate 3rd party PD plugins (like freeverb) into my synth?

Thanks for your help, and I look forward to being a part of this community!

It uses Heavy compiler that supports most of core PD objects. It certainly won’t be able to run plugins written in C.

If this is too limiting, you may consider looking into FAUST, it has a large library of DSP code (yes, that includes freeverb).

Thanks for the reply.

Hmmmm. looks like a few objects I’m using - all in vanilla - aren’t supported. FAUST looks interesting. I’ll check it out. Thanks again!