Prospective buyer confused

Hello! I’ve been looking at the Daisy line for a while now and while i’m quite drawn – specifically by the gen~ integration – to the platform, i’m confused about two aspects.

one - is midi I/O (or even just input) over USB possible on the Seed?

two - is gen~ integration possible without any external hardware beyond a Seed and that hardware necessary for connectivity i.e. jacks for audio I/O and potentiometers connected to 3.3v and ground.

I’d like to stay as small as possible, hence my attraction to the Seed. The eventual goal is to make the simplest MPE polysynth possible, ideally something that can be attached to a controller along with a battery and a headphone amp for mobile use.

i haven’t bought anything yet, but if someone can confirm even just that they’ve successfully used gen~ on the Seed without a Pod or otherwise, i’m diving in.