Perfect Circuit sent me a Daisy Patch by mistake!

They sent me a Daisy Patch by mistake instead of a Seed. I’m gonna tell them obviously, but I can’t afford the patch, so it’d be crazy amazeballs if they let me keep it. A lot of times people let you keep it no? Would be sweet ;D

lol I mean I would think long and hard about keeping it and saying nothing. I could find a lot of uses for a second Patch… but my conscience wouldn’t let me steal it at the end of the day lmao. Nah, those are like $330 I think they’ll want it back lol.

I said I would tell them and I did! They want it back :frowning: hahaha fun while it lasted.

I got my pod! They set one aside for me :smiley: I’ll see you guys back here one day.

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