Other ways to press BOOT and RESET for upload


I find the buttons a bit small. Is it possible to access the same functionality through the pins?



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I asked a similar question here, and the answer for the BOOT pin at least is no.

There is a great way to load programs you write onto the Daisy Seed without having to press the BOOT and RESET buttons though (I am not sure if it can be done with any already compiled .bin you get). If you follow the directions on the wiki here and install OpenOCD and connect the Seed to your computer using the JTAG pins on the top of it (I use the STlink-mivi-v3), you can just compile your program then type ‘make program’ in the terminal and it will upload the program to your Seed without having to touch any of the buttons on top at all.

This comes in extremely handy during writing/debugging where I can flash a new program to the Seed quickly over and over without having to turn it over and press the buttons constantly.


@sonicexplorer, thanks a lot for your tip on the STlink programmer! And for pointing out the answer to your question – I think I will add a button to the Seed and trigger that function.

Great! :slight_smile:


And here is the solution: https://forum.electro-smith.com/t/boot-flash-attached-to-a-pin/804/8?u=staffanmelin