OscPocketD - Portable music tool (sequencing drums and synths)

Hi all,

I’ve played with the Daisy Seed for 2 days and it is great fun! My latest synthesizer projects have been using Arduino with the excellent Mozzi library and Raspberry Pi running softsynths.

Now, my target is to make a multitimbral portable music making tool with Daisy. I am going to do it in three steps:

  1. Prototype: Something static and self contained (nothing except the Seed)
  2. Usable: Programmable using an LCD Keypad, save patterns and sounds
  3. Finished: GATE IN/OUT, some pots for editing and live control, LFOs

Before I enter step 1, I’ve been doing an experiment. I’ve made a simple MIDI engine using the Metro class. It plays a small drum machine, a bass and an arpeggio. The drums are synthesized (kick, snare and open/closed hihat). Two synths are running right now, controlled by MIDI values in arrays holdings 16ths. So all in all 4 oscillators, 2 noise generators, 8 envelopes, 4 filters. Mixed in simple “stereo” out.

Maybe this experimental code can be interesting and/or useful for someone making something similar.

If there is any interest, I’ll provide updates on my progress! :slight_smile:





I’ve added 2 more synths with their own MIDI engine, data entered (in code) as {pitch, duration}.

So, drum machine (2 osc’s, 2 noise) + 4 synths (4 osc’s).

Next I will add a chord track, then focus on getting an UI running on an LCD Keypad so the sequences and synth settings can be edited.

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OK, so the chord engine is alive, very simple, using 3 osc’s.

Status: running drum machine (2 osc’s, 2 noise) + 2 x bass + 2 x lead + 1 x chord (3 osc) = 9 osc’s.

Some problems remain, but most of all, I have to get an UI running so I will focus on that now.

(Same link to source as original post.)

Short demo: https://youtu.be/IEzufs4jgXI.

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Step 1 - Prototype completed.

11+2 voices running now, all sequenced. New song mode added, where 2 bar sequences can be chained in any order.


Next: Step 2 - Usable. I will create the UI, using the LCD library I wrote (LCD class for a 16x2 LCD using the Hitachi HD44780 driver chip).

It is sounding a bit too much chip-tune for my taste, but the UI will include editable parameters for all oscillators, including the VA drums.

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It looks promising, I already built your OscPocket on the Arduino and would like to test it once released :wink:

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Thanks @autodafe! As you noticed it has some similarities with my Arduino project, but the power of the Daisy makes it possible to do so much more with just one Daisy! :slight_smile:

At the same time I want to keep the cost down, you will only need the Daisy Seed + LCD Keypad + 2-3 audio connections.

I will add a SYNC IN (GATE) so you will be able to let the OscPocketO work with the OscPocketD.

Thank you for your interest!


I’ve built a simple circuit with the Daisy and the necessary parts. Front and back attached.

The UI is operated with the buttons on the LCD Keypad, which I now read successfully in the code.

The extra single button is a reset-to-bootloader (BOOT_FLASH attached to a pin?) which makes reprogramming a lot easier.

The three extra audio sockets will potentially be used for: SYNC IN (GATE/CLOCK), MIDI and Audio In.

I’ve also left some space for 2-3 pots.

Now only the UI/edit code remains (great fun!), but work starts Monday, so… :frowning: