OscPocketD/FX - an open source multi effect for Daisy Seed

Based on the same hardware as the OscPcketD (OscPocketD/Synth - portable beat/song-making studio with synths and drum machine! - #13 by StaffanMelin), here comes the OscPocketD/FX!

A multiFX device with 7 simultaneous effects. All effects have a setting submenu. First effect – not demonstrated – is an ADSR/envelope.

Future enhancements will include LFO adjustments of filter etc, CV/GATE control and save settings to Flash.

Demo: https://youtu.be/fKHz_6E0YFA

Build instructions and code will soon be released under a MIT license.


And now the OscPocketD/FX is finished (at least a beta)!

This is a multif-fx device with a built in CV-controlled dual oscillator synth!

It can handle 5 CV inputs. The CV inputs are limited to 0-3V3, but can be scaled and offset in hardware and software.

Effects (modulation)
Effect order:
1. Input gain
2. Oscillator (frequency, amplitude)
3. Filter (frequency, resonance)
4. ADSR (gate)
5. Decimator (bitcrush factor)
6. Overdrive
7. Delay (time, feedback)
8. Chorus
9. Reverb
10. Output gain

The OscPocketD/FX has 8 modulation sources:
• 3 x LFO
• 5 x CV in

The hardware platform is the same as for the OscPocketD/Synth (OscPocketD/Synth - portable beat/song-making studio with synths and drum machine! - #13 by StaffanMelin) - a Daisy Seed with an LCD keypad and a few other cheap components! So – two projects in one build!

Download the code, build instructions and manual: