Multiple audio inputs on Daisy seed

Hello to all,

I’m currently working on an audiovisual project with the sound part based on Daisy seeds, and would need some helps for the development . Basically I simply need to expand my number of audio inputs, I would need between 4 and 6 inputs, with different audio treatments for each of them. I checked on the forum and slacks and seems it’s possible to expand inputs using SAI peripheral, or / and using multiplexer.

I’m still a bit confuse about the process, new stuffs for me here. So my questions are: is it possible to simply expand inputs using SAI peripheral without additional hardware? Or is it necessary to use a multiplexer?

I have few more questions but let’s try to cover this first. Thanks in advance for the help!


You can add audio codecs to SAI and naturally that means adding some external hardware. In most cases you’ll need to write some code to act as a driver for it too.

Multiplexers are totally different from audio codecs and are not used with this peripheral. You can use them for adding CV channels.

Thank you for the clarifications. I also had a feedback from Stephen on Slack, starts to have a better picture. I don’t feel ready yet for micro soldering an external chip so i will see how i can deal with that.